LDN - Personal Work

May 2020

I had the idea for this animation when coming home from work one day, and realizing that all the houses in my street in London look almost the same, but still slightly different. I thought it might be cool to build a bunch of assets that can be mixed and matched to create a whole street super easily. I didn't have a plan for the style at first but I just started work anyway.
Then Blender 2.82 came out and with it the awesome splash screen from dedouze. Since you can get all the files for the Blender splash screens, I just downloaded it and had a look at the shaders. It was pretty simple to do so I basically copied the technique. Progress was slow at first but picked up speed with the lockdown due to Corona Virus.
I had no idea where to go with the idea at first, but after contacting my friends at un studios, I had the idea of using the houses as some sort of visualiser for music. All of the moving elements were done in shader. You can download the .blend file here.